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In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and Leto (Letona). He was the twin brother of the goddess Artemis. He was the god of the Sun, logic. Apollo was a sun god of great antiquity, yet he is represented as an ever youthful god, just, wise and of great beauty. He has been the subject of many great. Apollo was the ancient Greek god of prophecy and oracles, music, song and poetry, archery, healing, plague and disease, and the protection of the young. God of ‎: ‎Music, prophecy, healing, archery.

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Neue Funde vom archaischen Apollontempel in Didyma. Http://ören-kann! animistic idea as the representation of the imaginative reality, is sanctified in the Homeric poems and in Greek myths, in stories of the god Hephaestus Phaistos and the mythic Daedalus the builder of the labyrinth that made images which moved www.oddset ergebnisse their own accord. Yes course you. Tripods and laurel wreaths fairway casino given as prizes to the victors at the games. The Origins and History of the Greek God. At Delphi, Apollo was venerated as lautern meister slayer of Pytho.

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It probably comes from north-eastern Peloponnesus. This article contains special characters. But the first time that we hear of the worship of Apollo at Rome is in the year B. When Zeus' wife Hera discovered that Leto was pregnant and that Zeus was the father, she banned Leto from giving birth on terra firma. Philostratus the Elder, Imagines 2. The slaying of the giant Tityos who attempted to carry off the god's mother Leto. Die Geschicthe der Griechischen religion. During the second Punic war, in B. In Sweden where the Lapps were called magicians, they speak of the "Lappen-shots". Apollo Arts gods Deities in the Iliad Dragonslayers Health gods Knowledge gods LGBT themes in mythology Muses Temples of Apollo Mythological Greek archers Mythological rapists Oracular gods Roman gods Solar gods. Animals sacred to Apollo included wolves , dolphins, roe deer , swans , cicadas symbolizing music and song , hawks , ravens , crows , snakes referencing Apollo's function as the god of prophecy , mice and griffins , mythical eagle—lion hybrids of Eastern origin. Learn Art Center Crafts Education Languages Photography Test Prep. World History For Dummies Cheat Sheet. The god was also worshipped in the island of Delos, which was initially dedicated to his twin sister Artemis. As hochzeitsgewinnspiel turned into a tree, Apollo embraces. Frameworks Scientists in Schools. He did so by luring the Boar into thick snow, then snaring euro star casion in a net while it struggled to free. However, Niobe's stone body continued to weep and it is said that her endless tears formed the river, Achelous. Hera in her jealousy pursued Leto from land to land and from isle to isle, and endeavoured to prevent her finding a resting-place where to give birth. According to a fragment of an ancient Doric hymn in Pausanias x. All nature's tribes to thee their difference owe, and changing seasons from thy music flow: In some of these local traditions Apollo is mentioned alone, and in others together with his sister Artemis. The first buildings were built narrowly in order to hold the roof, and when the dimensions changed some mathematical relations became necessary in order to keep the original forms.

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He was the offspring of the god Zeus and the goddess Maia. He was born on Delos, where his mother Leto sought refuge; Hera , having realised that Leto was impregnated by her husband Zeus , banned Leto from giving birth on land. Er spielte unter anderem eine Rolle bei trojanischen Krieg. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Overview Timeline of Ancient Greece Geography The City of Athens Sparta Minoans and Mycenaeans Greek City-states Peloponnesian War Persian Wars Decline and Fall Legacy of Ancient Greece Glossary and Terms Arts and Culture Ancient Greek Art Drama and Theater Architecture Olympic Games Government of Ancient Greece Greek Alphabet. Contact NESTA for more information. appolo god of Störung durch Adblocker erkannt! This page was last edited on 18 June , at Erymanthos died later on in his life after he got married. Tmolus at once awarded the victory to Apollo, and all but Midas agreed with the judgment. At the command of Zeus, Apollo guarded the cattle of Laomedon in the valleys of mount Ida. At the same time, he could also bring forth disease and plague with his arrows; it was considered that a god that can cause disease is also able to prevent it.


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